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Here is a List of People the Oregon Militia Are NOT Defending

Tamir Rice: It is NOT a problem if the police shoot your child in a park and face no charges.

Purvi Patel: Totally OK for the state to jail you after you have a miscarriage.

The domestic violence victims facing eviction for calling police: If you didn’t want to live on the street, why didn’t you just make that sandwich the first time he hit you?


Jeremy Hammond (no relation!): Because companies targeting leftwing activists and colluding with law enforcement are doing the Lord’s work. Duh!

Stephen Kim: Bros before Hos and Cowboys before Contractors.

John Kiriakou: Because waterboarding is not a crime. Talking about waterboarding is a crime.


Jeffrey Sterling: Tearing apart a man’s life 10 years after he spoke to the press is normal and not at all a tragic overreach of government power.

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